Wednesday, September 22, 2004

[412] Phony Budgets and Current Events

Hi Friends and Neighbors,

The Mayor of Pittsburgh issued his PHONY budget today. Even the Post-Gazette
calls the budget "phony" in its online headline.

Your invite to react:

Genuine opposition to phony, pea-brained actions in Pittsburgh is needed.

Just as the rivers swelled and washed over too many friends and neighbors,
same too comes another flood of falsehoods with additional red ink. Today's
source of sludge that cripples Pittsburgh is neither heaven nor hell -- but
Grant Street.

The mayor and city council have fumbled their financial duties. To
complicate matters, oversight board members are bucking for the lone
gambling license and are moving out of the city.

Too much common ground is shared between certain media outlets and
politicians that thrive upon fear. Too many seem to thrive because of
special interests and the creation of divisions.

On a national front, another dark cloud is due to arrive with the
Presidential debates. The stage for the Presidential debates won't match the
choices on the November ballot.

Debate organizers and the networks want to deliver tight, easy 1-on-1
debates. Red states / blue states. They serve up sanitized, prepackaged food
for thought. As the watchdogs need watchdogs, I crave a democracy that is
deliberate and genuine. I want coverage, concepts and interactions that are

Doom and gloom prevails. We are bogged down locally and nationally. We have
elected leaders who choose to break laws and act with phony intentions. They
should depart. If not on their own, then may the educated voters prevail.

In this quest for a smarter citizenship and raw thoughts, I'd love to
get your input and feedback at my blog,

Visit. Read. Post when the spirit moves you. Comment on any of the
articles. Your idea contributions (ideas only) are most welcomed in these
times. This blog on 'current events' in Pittsburgh has more than 130

So join in. Let's vent together. And, on a final uplifting note, let's
sing together too. Save the date, get a babysitter -- Thursday, Oct 21,
2004. I'll be helping to host a voter education event and concert with one
of the best performer you'll ever hear! More news soon. And, catch the
details in advance at the blog,


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