Thursday, September 16, 2004

PIAA District 8 - draft handbook

A number of volunteers have reviewed and edited a new handbook put forth by the Pittsburgh Public Schools for its coaches. A PDF version, unofficial, 36-page copy has been posted at http://Dorm.CLOH.Org/hot/AthleticHandbook(Sept04)R.pdf.

The Pgh Public School District serves the City of Pittsburgh and is much like an island only unto itself in terms of scholastic sports. The suburban schools have a different sporting landscape than what occurs in the city. In a sense, there is an "iron curtin" around the city in terms of many issues, including the way we play our most organized games among communities.

I think the handbook is a great first step in the process to benefit the students and overall community with PPS. However, the real solution rests with the merger of the city schools to the W.P.I.A.L. (The WPIAL is also known as PIAA District 7.)

My position paper on parks calls for the gradual elimination of the "city league" on a sport-by-sport basis with a gradual flow among various schools as well.

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Anonymous said...

clip from a group email:

I was disappointed, but not surprised, when I did not receive a copy of
the Athletic Handbook regulations being considered by the Board, until
my colleague and friend Art Victor sent me the one you were kind enough
to send him.

After serving on various task forces and committee the past four years
about this matter and my criticism of the central administration and the
board of not really wanting to have a quality program, based on a
foundation of quality principles and was not at all
surprising that those that I have been working with would forget to send
me a copy for my comments.

Mr. Dowd, I have many questions surrounding these policies, but the
burning ones that you and those of the board who really care about the
children's overall educational experience( not just performance
standards and racial learning gaps .. though important they are not the
total concern for all parents) is how will infractions be reported in a
way that will not have repercussions on the student-athletes and/or
their parent(s); what will the process be to address these allegations
(since this should and would cover volunteer coaches as well who are not
covered by the collective bargaining agreement since they are not paid);
what form of information/communication would be held to make notice of
these claims and/or allegations of violation of the policy and the
action taken AA=and how that will affect members of that particular team
and their parents (you know the people who pay for this) and finally,
what will be the consequences be to those who violate the policies, what
are the checks and balances, the enforcers, etc?

These all need to be addressed prior to the passing of this
booklet...otherwise, does it's adoption really matter? It will CYA the
district from certain legal liabilities...other than that, it will sit
as most district policies do, on a shelf, useless until it serves
someone's a need at administration or on the board, then it will be
dusted off and brought oput.

Please respond, thank you...

John Tokarski

John Tokarski
Special Project Manager - Operation Weed & Seed
Office of the Mayor / City of Pittsburgh
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