Saturday, September 18, 2004

Welcome Cornhuskers

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Three cheers to the good people of Nebraska for taking Steve P off our our hands. He is your Athletic Director now. You sent him to us, and I'm glad we could send him back. Sorry, an 'at.

Enjoy your stay.

Pitt's campus, should you care, is in a part of town called Oakland. That's where you'll find the acadmic buildings, the medical centers, a wonderful cultural hub and the old as dirt Cathedral Of Learning -- the landmark building for education.

The Cathedral of Learning, Pitt's visual showcase, was built some time ago -- just about the time of the once great Pitt Stadium. When Steve was in town he did all he could to put the wrecking ball to the grand old venue called Pitt Stadium. He ripped it from our landscape before a lease to use Heinz Field was even crafted.

Pitt should be playing Nebraska at Heinz Field. But, the band should hold its practices, the track team should hold its meets, the intramural games could occur, and the injured athletes could get their rehab at Pitt Stadium too.

Point being: If my neighbor offers me the use of his new motor home for our family summer vacation each year -- great. I don't need to get rid of the family station wagon for the other 355 days a year.

We are doing the same foolishness with the talk of the Penguins arena. They want a new home for NHL hockey, should it ever resume again. Fine. Mario can build a new home without destroying the existing Civic Arena. Then we could host a city-league or PIAA championship basketball game in town and have a NHL game on the same date.

Steve's failed lesson: 1 + 1 = 2
But, he's in good company as Mario and others around here can't seem to grapple with that as well.

We churn. We even got two new stadiums (PNC Park + Heinz Field) but lost 3RS and it had a $50-million mortgage still outstanding.

Hope he doesn't bring Nebraska more of the same.

And, how did that loss at home to a non-confrence foe feel last week?

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