Friday, September 17, 2004

Few dollars for public works - York Daily Record

Let's get in a spitting match to find the worse place, YORK vs. Pittsburgh:
York Daily Record smashes Pittsburgh and proves to be ahead of the game too: "Brenner, who returned from meeting with Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy, said things in York aren't so bad. He said Pittsburgh had to lay off hundreds of firefighters and police officers, completely shut down the parks and recreation programs and be subject to a state takeover with an outside board governing the city.

'As bad as things look with our budget, things could be worse,' Brenner said.

After hearing the condition of Pittsburgh, resident Gerry Turner slumped in his chair.

'I feel like I've been to the graveyard,' he said."

Meanwhile, in Pittsburgh, we've not had one budget meeting. Last year the budget was passed on New Year's Eve. We operate on a too little too late schedule. This smaller city is well ahead of our progress. Shame on Pittsburgh's leadership.

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