Friday, September 24, 2004

Candidate Under Fire

A women in the south, a Pitt Law School grad, and a candidate for judge might need some "home-town cooking."

Rachel Lea Hunter, Go,Go, Go!

The University of Pittsburgh has come front and center recently. Rachel's opponents are considering Pitt to be a subpar school by saying that her graduating in the top third of her class in law school meant that she probably couldn't get into a 'prestigous' institution such as Duke.
Opposition Says

"Her web site says that she graduated in the top third of her class at the University of Pittsburgh School of Law. That's respectable, but hardly impressive for a Supreme Court justice. The University of Pittsburgh School of Law is ranked about 50th among law schools. Duke is ranked about 10th. She probably would not have been in the top half of her class if she had been at Duke (if she were even admitted)."

Rachel's web site has more. It's getting interesting in NC. More on the attack from NC

Statement supporting college students and professors -

In the past, Rachel's campaign manager, Cameron DeJong, wrote (in part):
Anything that you can do to promote Rachel's campaign on the web is greatly appreciated. We need all the help we can get as we are not depending on the 'establishment' to get us through this one.

I think it is time for Pittsburgh folks and Pitt folks to get moving. Send notes to your friends in NC. Send letters to the editor there. Put up links to her site on our sites.

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