Saturday, September 25, 2004

City Cable TV bureau may be saved

Headline should be: TV bureau still slated for closing. "County Council President Rich Fitzgerald said council has just begun looking into the feasibility of getting council meetings on the air....

County Councilman Vince Gastgeb, who also has been working on the broadcast project, believes the county is 'behind the times' because it does not broadcast its meetings. "

Jeepers guys, let's get with it. Here we go again as the leaders are not leading. They do too little too late. This rumor of a cut in the city cable bureau has been around since it was part of a mid-summer play by the mayor.

The one thing Pittsburgh does NOT need is more "done deal thinking" and "less light."

We need to watch these meetings and the actions of the elected with more awareness. Turn the lights on, more brightly. Meanwhile, some like to scury in the cover of darkness. Mayor Murphy does NOT want to be accountable and visible. Mayor Murphy does not want to be blasted for not meeting with City Council Members for months at a time. Mayor Murphy does not want to hear about the rats the size of lapdogs after he fired the rodent control crew.

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