Monday, September 27, 2004

Crashing the Parties, 10 pm Wed. QED

WQED, a public tv station that has been the subject of some criticism, is slated to air an interesting PBS primetime special Crashing The Parties 2004 from 10 to 11 pm this Wednesday.

The program challenges the conventional notion that third parties are "spoilers" with no constructive role in the process. It is to showcase the candidates and their political platforms.

Who wants to host a documentary screening house party?

This special gives voters a behind-the-scenes look at third party campaigns and conventions in the 2004 presidential race, showcasing the serious political alternatives to the Democrats and Republicans. The one-hour program focuses on four major third party/independent bids:
  • Libertarian Party (Michael Badnarik),

  • Green Party (David Cobb),

  • Constitution Party (Michael Peroutka).

  • Ralph Nader, and in addition,

  • other candidates' bids for their party's nomination are featured, such as Libertarians Gary Nolan and Aaron Russo.

  • My advance hunch is that the coverage of others who are NOT on the ballot is just to discredit the entire show. Why cover the others? Edit!

    In most markets, "Crashing" debuts the evening before the first Bush-Kerry debate - showing PBS viewers the candidates who were shut out of the presidential debates. In a few cities such as Boston, the third party documentary is the lead-in program for the Bush-Kerry showdown on Sept. 30.


    On Wednesday, Sept. 29, at 1 p.m., PBS filmmakers Peter Koziell and Darren Garnick will be participating in a live Web chat about the making of "Crashing The Parties 2004" sponsored by The Washington Post. Join in the conversation during your lunchbreak! For more information, visit: and scroll to the bottom of the page for the "Live On-Line" links. Questions can be submitted earlier that day.


    If you find the themes, scenes or commentary from "Crashing The Parties 2004" to be compelling, please consider sharing your thoughts with both your local PBS station and the PBS national network. The stations are always eager to hear from "viewers like you."

    Sandy Heberer
    PBS Programming
    1320 Braddock Place
    Alexandria, VA 22314

    And, contact QED directly.

    The filmakers also appreciate feedback,

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    Mark Rauterkus said...

    Presidential debates:

    Thursday, on September 30th at 5 p.m. EST, Michael Badmarik, Libertarian, debates David Cobb from the Green Party in Miami, Florida
    {} -- a short walk from
    the hall where the first televised "debate" will take place between
    the two-party candidates.