Saturday, September 25, 2004

No We-Hav

We have no We-Have!

Finally, the fight ends with victory! City Council voted to NUKE the bogus We-Hav in September. I guess the mayor didn't veto it. A notice arrived from the city clerk.

Citizens of Pittsburgh's West End areas made a great showing at a public hearing on July 7, 2004. Sadly, a cable broadcasting and rebroadcasting of the hearing was not ordered by city council in July.

Shamefully, the We-Hav organizers had a provision in their by-laws that their board meetings are NOT OPEN to visitors and the public. Unreal.

The termination of the We-Have program, called by a petition of more than 4,000 home owners, is slated NOW for September 1. It was pushed off the agenda in mid-July by Council President.

Those on city council SHOULD vote to terminate the undemocratic (small "d") program.

The City Clerk said she understood this to be so that the Councilmembers (4) who were not at the Hearing, the Solicitor and the Administration study the transcripts.

The first vote was delayed for the weeks of the summer recess by City Council. Action is expected to occur at the Sept. 1, 2004 meeting.

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