Thursday, September 16, 2004

County hires consultants for minority outreach

County hires consultants for minority outreach: "The Rev. James Simms, former president of the county council, will assist faith-based and community groups in identifying county and other government resources to develop social service, housing and public works efforts."

Sounds like re-treads. Perhaps Sala Udin will be getting jobs like this with the state or county after he is booted from office in the city.

Those guys are both with big respect and big scorn. I've never crossed either, personally.

I wish they would care a lot more about parks and opportunities for our kids -- within the city especially -- and less about minority contracts that have lead mostly to pass throughs and scandal.

The concept of "faith-based outreach" is fine with me. But, the hook and attractiveness of that effort is to save money and get things done. It isn't about more pork, more red tape, more consultants.

Time will tell if these folks are productive or not -- but -- time has told us something already. Both have been around the block, or should I say the around the downward spiral.

I wonder why Dan O, our county executive, wasn't quoted in the new article? I assume he hire them personally. Where is a quote from him on these hirings?

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