Thursday, September 16, 2004

Stadium authority worker accused of taking $200,000

Stadium authority worker accused of taking $200,000: "Writing numerous checks for small amounts -- but also once taking a bank bag containing $20,000 of the Stadium Authority's money -- authority accountant Jeffrey S. Harmon managed to elude detection for more three years while embezzling nearly $200,000, "

What are these folks thinking? The Pgh Parks Conservancy had an employee steal some serious money as well.

In China, folks who got caught steeling get shot. When the public trust gets shaken over and over, it is little wonder that the public trust is stretched so thin around here.

Furthermore, it is one thing to steal for yourself. It is another matter to steal from the public purse and pay others for outright deeds of little public value. The shame patrol needs to out both types.

For the later, we've got a legacy of miss-deeds such as the paving of streets, the lowering of property values, handouts of consulting contracts, the buying of bogus PR campaigns, etc., etc.

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