Saturday, September 25, 2004

Ex-Gov. Thornburgh assails 'dysfunctional' system

Ex-Gov. Thornburgh calls for mergers of towns: " tackle the region's problem of municipal-government fragmentation."

I assail dysfunctional leaders. The system isn't broken. The ones with the controls are dysfunctional.

Let's attack solution fragmentation from dysfunctional thought and leadership.

Thornburgh is giving a free pass to the elected leaders. Thornburgh is clueless as to what happens in Pittsburgh. If Thornburgh had the same view as city residents, he'd change his tune. That's my 'free pass' to him.

Dear ex-Gov: The ways of Pittsburgh and the characters involved here in these times are unlike the public servents in other parts of this great land. Selfishness, corruption and lack of cooperation is pervasive. You can't force these leaders to cooperate, This crew in Pittsburgh can't even agree among departments to hold meetings. We must first force them out of office. Then new people can begin to correct the situations. We must get our own house in order first. Then new deals of cooperation could be struck with a keen sense of democracy throughout. But, first things first. The worst of all outcomes would occur if we began to merge towns to enable the bumbling, bankrupt, and hopeless leaders with more power and influence.

The oversight board came to Pittsburgh, with another group (Act 47) no less, to take away power from the mayor and city council. Now if I read between the lines of your statements -- or perhaps the coverage of those statements -- one could ponder your intent to mean you'd like OVERSIGHT BOARDS and AUTHORITIES to come into power by merging towns. That possibility is Un-American and not to be tolerated.

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