Friday, September 17, 2004

Laurels from Trib for Ad sales

Pittsburgh Laurels & Lances - "Laurel: To Jim Motznik. The Pittsburgh city councilman is proposing the city sell advertising space on the fences at 83 multiuse sports fields. Great idea. On street furniture. Great idea. On the city Web site. Great idea. And on city government cable broadcasts. Great idea. Mr. Motznik doesn't have an estimate of how much such advertising would generate. But every bit helps, doesn't it? "

The parks position paper put forth in May, 2004, also called for the sales and advertising. Why can the Penguins keep the money for the naming right for Mellon Arena. That was a public asset built with public funds. However, the Pens got to keep the money. Meanwhile, we who work with the kids in the neighorhood can't do similar deals.

Les Ludwig gets the biggest laurel for starting this type of chatter.

I'd also give Motznik a laurel for his lone vote to reject the $5-million from Gov. Rendell for a new merry-go-round in place of parking in Oakland.

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