Thursday, September 16, 2004 - Money - City Council President Wants Commuter Tax - Money - City Council President Wants Commuter Tax: "Ricciardi will call on the mayor to immediately petition the common pleas court to impose a commuter tax.

Ricciardi said 25 years of lobbying the state for tax reform has not worked. He also called Murphy's proposed 40 percent hike in property taxes for 2005 unfair."

Gene Ricciardi, City Council President, should be pushing anyone and everyone to make a removal of Tom Murphy from the Mayor's office. Gene, push to impeach Tom -- now. The key to that process is with city council.

Otherwise, put in public and private calls to John Kerry. Demand that Kerry announce, upon his election, that Kerry would appoint Murphy as an ambassador to Ireland, or New Zealand, or Greece, etc. If Kerry pledged to get Murphy out of town, he'd get a ton of votes from western PA's swing voters.

Tom Murphy's been playing chicken with those in the state house and state senate for a few years now. He put our children into the front seat -- and it still hurts. Next he'll be putting the homeowners into a mission impossible ramble to misery. Murphy can't move the agenda to a "commuter tax" because he can't move any agenda. He must burden those who are stuck here who have yet to be drained in full. Murphy can't even stick it to seniors -- as you can't get blood from a rock.

Pittsburgh is in a hopeless place with this mayor. And, the hopelessness increases as the leadership of city council is so lame.

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