Friday, September 17, 2004

Family living gets back to even steven in downtown and is shut-out in South Side Works

Great example of how the city administration makes life with kids in the city such a struggle. Why eliminate the parking at the outset? Why not insist that day care centers be incorporated within new neighborhoods -- such as at South Side Works?
Pittsburgh Laurels & Lances - "Laurel: To the city Department of Engineering. It has reinstated a drop-off zone near three Downtown day care centers. Much to the consternation of parents, the zones along Penn Avenue were eliminated during the new convention center's construction. Police then began tagging parents attempting to drop off their little tykes. We're glad to see common sense prevail. "

The ribbon cutting for the South Side Works site, a new extension of the neighborhood that promised to generate 4,000 new jobs, generated ZERO increases in our day care capacity. Fumble, again.

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