Saturday, September 25, 2004

Parenting woes or infrastructure issues

Its fixed! A new sewer cover and sidewalk has arrived. The city did its job, and cut down the three trees. The building owner did the sidewalk with cement contractors on Sept. 25. The saga started in early August. Not many drunks fell into the open hole.

Parenting the ducks
Conventional wisdom says "bad parenting." However, I'm wondering if it is bad city infrastructure? Our children are falling between the cracks here. And, it takes little effort to get the right type of street treatments to prevent these types of accidents.

Notice that the storm gutter's slots are not the full length, but they do go in the direction of traffic. Bike riders have trouble with street coverings that have larger spaces as wheels get caught, flipping the rider. Inline skaters are sure to have issues. Many street treatments in Pittsburgh are bad for all sorts of reason.

Pittsburgh makes continual, classic mistakes and frustrates up the opportunities care for our kids. Pittsburgh makes parenting much more of a chore.

Broken sewer cover on 12th & Bradish

Seniors and children, yet alone drunks and little ducklings could get lost, hurt and perhaps wealthy by visiting our streets in Pittsburgh.

See the comment to learn more of a road study by the city. Sadly, these roads get attention every four years. An election is due next spring, so the Grant Street gang is making a list and will check it twice this fall so as to get the most votes.


Mark Rauterkus said...

HAZARDOUS ROADS SURVEY (via Bike Pittsburgh)

The City of Pittsburgh is collecting input on hazardous road conditions from cyclists who use the city streets in an effort to prioritize the routes commonly used by cyclists clean and safe. If you cycle in Pittsburgh, please take a few moments and respond to this short survey:

1. Please list the top three streets on which you cycle.

2. Do you feel that these streets are adequately maintained and free of debris?

3. If not, which streets need better care?

4. Do you have problems cycling on the streets because of rocks, twigs or other debris?

5. If so, which streets need the most urgent attention?

6. Any additional input that will help assist us in the upkeep of Pittsburgh's "Share The Road" bicycle routes?

Email Henry Pyatt, City of Pittsburgh, Department of Planning: (

Anonymous said...

My wife just broke her foot on a curb that was 3 times the height of a normal curb can we do anthing

Mark Rauterkus said...

So sorry. A broken wheel can really slow down one's summer. Hope she feels better. Lots of pain associated with a foot and ankle.

To do, humm.... Call 3-1-1.

Paint helps too. But that, as in yellow curbs, never seems to happen. Crosswalks too.

Many of the curbs are just crumbles.