Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Open Debates Await

Let the George W. Bush and John Kerry campaigns know that the American people want real, democratic and engaging presidential debates hosted by the Citizens' Debate Commission, with all the candidates.

Both Kerry and Bush are campaigning to be your public servants, and you should not hesitate to remind them of your wishes, this week.

  • Kerry campaign: 202-712-3000

  • Bush campaign: 703-647-2700

  • The major party campaigns have assembled their high-profile debate negotiating teams, and they will soon begin debate negotiations.

    Letters to the editor seeking open debates have been published in dozens of newspapers: Buffalo News, Baltimore Sun, Deseret Morning News, Tulsa World, Bellingham Herald, etc.

    The Open Debates' Executive Director, George Farah, appears on ABC World News Now tonight (sometime between 1am and 3am EST, for those of you still awake), and on ABC News Now Thursday morning at 6am EST.

    In Pittsburgh, we will have a voter education event on October 21, 2004. Save the date. Details to follow. All candidates on the ballot are being invited and strongly encouraged to attend or to send a spokesperson.

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