Monday, September 27, 2004

Officials want 911 sit-down

They want a 'sit down?' No, not a sit-down strike. No, not a sit-in. Reasoned, trusted, public-service people can and do want measured progress. They want to sit down and get to the basics of planning for a better future. Many people out there care.

Officials want 911 sit-down -
'We're ready to hand the keys over to you, once we have a sit-down about these issues,' Shaler Manager Tim Rogers told Onorato. 'We're ready to do it by the end of this year.' "

Meanwhile, the Pittsburgh folks do a brush off. Dan O does a push away. Still, he acknowledged, the county is not yet ready to take on the extra duties."

We've got people who can't walk and chew gum at the same time. We need to think again. We can't linger and not have the plans put on paper.

Pittsburgh City Council earlier this year approved merging the city and county dispatch centers after more than a decade of wrangling. Mayor Tom Murphy hailed the shift as a way to improve the area's emergency response capabilities while saving the city almost $1 million a year in payroll and benefits.

The merger's delay, still not complete, made for a decade of failures that rest with the Mayor, Tom Murphy. Sure, council had to approve the deal. But, Tom Murphy had to deliver it. This too ten years. Only the promise of oversight boards doing the dirty work did anything happen. Tom Murphy had his hand forced with oversight boards. He would still be doing nothing if it was up to him. And, he'll claim the one move, that took a decade to complete, makes him a champion of mergers.

Tom Murphy was in the way. And, other city based officials are in the way. When the folks in the county want to sit down -- we should have leaders who sit down and talk.

Talk is cheap. Do it. That is all we got. We have nothing to give away. We might as well sit down and talk about cooperation in these times. These guys, the old guard of city's do-little elected place holders, are too used to in-action. They don't even talk.

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