Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Save our * (city, summer, steps, schools, stadium, ...)

The Pittsblog asks about the Iron City message, "Save Our City." I wrote, with typos over there and reposted:
On one level, I smile at the "Save Our City" campaign. At its most basic sense it is a call to "care." The Iron City Corporation trumpets a tune that gives a wake up to action in a civic sense. The message is less, "buy our beer" and more "we live here too." I think of the saving as a lifeguard who shows up at the swim pool guard chair and cares to insure that everyone is safe, alive, and healthy at the end of the day.

Too many corporations are worried too much about its own next customer, marketing its specific product. Meanwhile the marketplace is in a serious decline. The city is half of what it was. Those that are NOT here would have made for a larger, core customer base -- drinking a lot of beer.

Q: save if from what? My A: "rust, decline and apathy."

Tip: better to leave a message over on the Pittsblog and not here. And, Iron folks, it's better to bring a beer truck and not a case a beer to our family reunion next month -- along with a case of t-shirts.

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