Friday, September 17, 2004

PSU to train Indian Principals - Knowledge

PSU got a $1-million grant from the US Dept. of Ed to expand its American Indian Leadership Program.
Wonder if an mentions are made to gambling prevention within the overall program?

Family trivia: Years ago, Catherine (my wife) was a 2nd grade student teacher in New Mexico at an Indian school. She values that lesson / experience and still keeps in touch with some friends from there.

A new challenge for Catherine comes in the form of grant a Pitt from the Air Force. The first days of activities covered some of the Air Force culture -- interesting as well.

Meanwhile, the new grad students in Catherine's class come from all around the nation. Sixteen students entered the multi-year program this fall, from Washington state to the east coast. Only two graduated from Pitt as undergrads. Not only is brain size and class size increasing a bit, but the years of study has gone up and the number of out-of-state students is much greater. That makes a triple win for Pitt.

In mid-week, all of the students in Catherine's class were clueless as to Pitt's football opponent this weekend. Its Nebraska. Grad students have more pressing matters to ponder.
Question: Why does Nebraska have a big red "N" on the side of its helmets?

Answer is found in the last word in this blog-entry's headline.

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