Wednesday, September 15, 2004

$5-million for Merry-go-round in parking spaces in Oakland

The merry-go-round in Schenley Plaza was given the green light in city council. A state grant of $5-million has come from the PA Governor. The $5-million can't be used for street paving, because it is being spent in the removal of valued parking spaces.

There was no public hearing on the park expansion. Yes, there was a post-agenda. I did rush to the meeting and got to speak. The process was trash. The process is a great example of what is wrong with Pittsburgh today and the outcome is going to be another elitist boondogle.

The grant for $5-million should have been applied to the formation of a new Pittsburgh Park District.

Who died so as to make the leader of the Pittsburgh Park Conservancy the queen of our town?

The Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy should be eliminated as it makes a serious a drag on the region. Its mission is with blinders by design. Its goals are of bricks and mortar, sadly.

Doug said, like a coward, "In the future I will look with great disfavor on projects such as these." Doug, there is no time like the present. You should have voted "NO" today. You should have acted like the leader you were hired to become.

The Heinz History center grant didn't take over public spaces, such as Phipps and the Carnegie Museum. Bill Peduto has it wrong.

The only councilmember to vote with courage to deny the elitist plan was Jim Motznik. Yeah Jim.

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