Thursday, September 02, 2004

Bye-bye UV Loop

UV Loop Goes Bye-Bye -- PG coverageUV Loop Logo
The end of the road for the UV Loop is of little suprise to me. It was far too empty. Its course was bad as well. Sure, the support was amazing. But, it wasn't sustainable. It was a good idea that needed constant evolution.

After riding the UV Loop on a number of trips, mostly just for fun, I noticed how it wasn't effective. Same too with the new water taxi. A course re-do was needed. A few back and forth routes would have been much more productive. And, in turn, would have been sustainable. Some of the suggestions I made to the organizers at the outset of the UV Loop would have been significant. It needed 10 to 100-times the ridership, and the loop wasn't able to provide those passenger trips.

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