Saturday, September 04, 2004

Resignation chatter

PG coverage of resignation chatter

It is not worth the effort to offend Mr. Roddey, nor is it my duty to defend him either. Nonetheless, it would be great to see City Councilman, Jim Motznik, write a letter to Gov. Ed Rendell asking for help in getting the resignation of Tom Murphy.

To Jim's credit, he spoke of the resignation of Mayor Murphy, on the record, some weeks ago. His quote was something like .... "After we (City Council) passes this Act 47 plan (oversight), then we should ask for the resignation of Tom Murphy."

Like Luke's mention of resignation weeks before, the statement was stronger than double-speek, but not direct enough. Try this for blunt talk: Mayor Murphy should resign. The resignation would come for the good of the city. His time is finished as he can't get his agenda off the ground.


Thomas Leturgey said...

Any member of the ACT 47 team needs to have "skin in the game."

It may not be good enough for Jim Roddey to open a shadow "office" on Pittsburgh's North Side to replace his Squirrel Hill residency.

Roddey and his wife, Ellen, have their trendy townhouse on the market and plan on moving to Oakmont, near Fox Chapel, one of the area's most prestigious neighborhoods.

As a resident who has a professional office in the city, it's my opinion that anyone who dictates future city policy must have a real stake in the city.

And I'm a Jim Roddey supporter who voted for him twice. It's just that he might be another member of the "brain drain" that's jumping from the ship.

Meanwhile, City Councilman Jim Motznik who has lead the criticism against Roddey, has been identified as a potential candidate to replace Jack Wagner, if the former District 4 Councilman become State Attorney General.

Ironically, Motznik clearly believes his current post is nothing more than a stepping stone to something else that might allow him to move from his city neighborhood address, as he was an early candidate to replace Dan Onorato as County Controller.

Residency requirements are a lightning rod of controversy, but they are important, as chosing where to live and becoming involved shouldn't be a career for carpetbaggers.

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