Thursday, March 24, 2005

Allegheny Club and the Sports Garden

The Pirates are trying to keep their 1979 World Series trophy off the auction block. The trophy and other memorabilia are about to be sold as part of bankruptcy proceedings at the Allegheny Club.

Remember the Allegheny Club? It is a text book case in how not to treat others.

Same too with the joint near to Station Square that closed due to a bartender's filthy talk, the Sports Garden. Remember the 30-day trial? That owner from Texas pulled up stakes and won't ever come back to this state.

This present tailspin is going to take some time to play out.

Our region needs to make some serious changes and then begin to heal. This is going to take a long time. People in Pittsburgh need to understand that we need to start to champion long-term views. The quick fix of the Murphy-led economics are still coming back to bite.

The Pirates, the Stadium Authority, the mayor and others stuck it to the Allegheny Club. Perhaps they'll be able to buy back the trophy on eBay. I won't be tearful.

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