Monday, March 21, 2005

Peduto vows to clean up - if you ignore those red signs.

Peduto vows to clean up - Peduto's 'Operation Red' measure would put large red signs in front of the buildings and list the name, address and phone number of the landlord in question so residents can call owners directly.

How does one clean up the neighborhood with large red signs in front of rentals?
As it is now, we've got a ton of for sale signs. Next we'll have these red signs too? They will stand out like sore thumbs saying, don't feel safe here, don't move here, don't stop your car!
The red signs gotta go. But, the same info can be better delivered on the internet with technology.

Map Pittsburgh is touted as a solution to Pittsburgh's woes. Talk about technology as an answer for the delivery of information in terms of troubled property ownership.

The owners who get their rents are not going to show any worry about a sign at the rental property. Rather, how about if we put the sign in the home owners lawn, not in the rental's location? Signs that spring up in the suburban locations are sure to raise some desired effect. Of course that isn't going to happen. But, it would be a much better suggestion.

The sign suggestion is: costly with materials and employees, ugly, hard to update, and screams wolf to no avail. Using technology would greatly help matters.


Anonymous said...

Can Peduto be any more crazy with that "stop sign" idea??

Thomas Leturgey said...

The Red Sign idea started with Peduto's former boss, Dan Cohen. It was started with great aplomb, but was never really supported. If supported it might work in some cases. There MUST be interesting ideas and not just anonymous criticism. Peduto is the ONLY candidate to talk about real neighborhood issues so far, so unless we have other ideas or intelligent debate as to why it won't work, give it a try!

Anonymous said...

Mr. Peduto seems to forget that we have a Mayor's Service Center where we can log complaints.

We own a property that we rent, that would be the day that a red sign was on the front of it.

Imagine if someone didn't like the way your awnings looked or the color of your paint, are they going to start calling you?

This is such a stupid idea.

If you have a problem call the Service Center and from there it will go to the correct department to handle it.