Thursday, March 31, 2005

When it rains, it pours. Michael Lamb shows up for another job. But again, this isn't OUR Lamb.

Michael Lambs are everywhere. Too bad our Michael Lamb isn't everywhere. I'm sure Michael is a lot of places, so I don't mean to be critical in a mean-spirited way. It's just a chuckle.
Library director taking Ohio job Michael Lamb will take over while they look for a permanent replacement.

Tip to the Lamb for Mayor campaign. Invite everyone named Michael Lamb to Pittsburgh and hold a rally. Perhaps a whole flock could form?

In another type of chuckle, I was amazed to hear from the United Jewish Federation as they were searching for Joe Weinroth, R, candidate for Mayor and Jew. They couldn't reach Joe to invite him to a debate to occur in the future at the Jewish Community Center. The amazement builds as they contacted me in homes of trying to reach Joe.

Furthermore, when I was a candidate for Mayor in 2001 in a contested GOP Primary, I spoke at the event. I took that opportunity to scold the leaders of the organization for only inviting a few of the speakers on the Dem's primary ballot.

The chuckle turned quickly into an event that got my blood to a boil.

The United Jewish Federation is repeating the same mistake. Four years ago, Josh Pollock was on the ballot and litterally cut his teeth at the Jewish Community Center. He wasn't invited to the candidate's forum. Same too this year with Les Ludwig. With friends like that, no need for an enemy.

The UJF is part of the blame and explains why Pittsburgh is bankrupt.

We are getting Bob O'Connor in 2005 as a front-runner, who is in dodge mode, because he can take cover with the help of the UJF. The PDP fits the same mold. (pun intended)

When it rains, it is going to pour.

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