Friday, March 11, 2005

Letters to the editor: 3/11/05 - Wenzig nails the fumbling opponent

I don't know this person. But she gets my praise for ruffling feathers.
Letters to the editor: 3/11/05 Contorted ethics

On Feb. 20 Allegheny County Councilman Wayne Fontana received the Democratic nomination for the special election for the 42nd state Senate district. The election held on primary day will be to fill the seat due to the departure of Jack Wagner.

Despite the fact that the home rule charter passed by Allegheny County voters clearly states that no member of County Council shall be a candidate for another office unless he or she resigns from County Council, Mr. Fontana continues to hold his seat. And he intends to hold onto it until March 17 ('Fontana Not Leaving Council Just Yet,' March 9). He is banking on a technicality that he isn't 'officially' a candidate until he files formal paperwork with the state Democratic Committee; he says he has until March 28 to do that ('Fontana Resigning -- Soon,' March 5). What a contorted ethical view this man possesses! I suppose he doesn't plan to raise funds or campaign until after that time!

Is this the kind of state senator that South Hills residents want to represent us? This is the exact kind of self-serving nonsense that Rep. Michael Diven left behind when he moved to the Republican Party. Rep. Diven's independence and integrity are admirable traits which voters -- both Democratic and Republican -- respect. Mr. Fontana's first order of business as a candidate is to do an end-run around the law, and it shows that he doesn't deserve the office of state senator.


Janie, I still need a press agent with the campaign. Are you interested? You've got the job. Call me. 412 298 3432.

My long-time friend, now at the Convention Center with a booth at the home show, wrote a LTE to the PG and it was pulled on Saturday, sadly. Oh well. That isn't my paper, so I understand.

My efforts to write an op-ed for the RACE FOR MAYOR series in the PG have begun. My slant these days is about the process and our democracy. We need to think again. We need viable alternatives. New regional leadership is necessary. Understanding that effective leadership isn't four years to install in a stop sign nor 30 days to resign from an office. We need to move along -- and pass beyond the old guard.

This special election for state senate is to fill a two year term. Elect me and if I don't do a good job, in two years, toss me out of office and elect someone else.

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