Monday, March 21, 2005

Mt. Lebanon Shooting Shouldn't Cause Frenzy

There was a shooting in one of the region's most affluent neighborhoods on Sunday. By initial reports, there may have been a disagreement between people who knew each other. They raced to Virginia Manor in Mt. Lebanon, where one guy reportedly shot at the other.

No one was injured. But aside from that, the Mt. Lebanon story is eerily similar to the one that occurred in Carrick in the same week.

Virginia Manor contains million-dollar homes. I delivered UPS there one winter season. The folks there are nice, just have thicker wallets and portfolios than those of us in Carrick.

For Sale signs should not increase in Mt. Lebanon. Nud-knicks with no real schedules shouldn't parade to their school board member's house, demanding someone do something about things out of his/her control.

Things will be back to normal today in Virginia Manor. There's no need to cause a frenzy in one of our nicest neighborhoods. And Virginia Manor, too.

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