Friday, March 25, 2005

Taxes foot bill for board members' cars

Transportation is one of my key platform points in my campaign. This isn't what I think the taxpayers want to hear about.

A Dormont supporter / advisor suggested a future press conference outside of a West Liberty Ave auto dealership selling luxery rides -- to talk about transportation. She is "on the money" as to what is going to resonate with voters and this campaign.

Taxes foot bill for board members' cars -

I've got some music that goes very well with this theme as well. But, first I've got to get the Johnsmith tunes online. I'm close. But the song is from Dave Nachmanoff -- "Waiting for the Light to Change." It is very much a song about peace, patience, anti-road rage. The spiritual is uplifting. Baby, we are just sitting here waiting for the light to change.

Dave is going to be in Cleveland in May. Cross your fingers. But first, we need a nice turn out for April 7. Are you going to be able to attend? Come to the Holiday Inn Express, South Side, on 10th Street at 7 pm on April 7.

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