Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Hertzberg steps out to allow for special election on May 17

Alan Hertzberg is setting aside personal compensation and is quickly resigning from his city council seat to allow for the special election to occur on May 17.

The special election would have cost the city an extra $60,000 if it was held on another date.

Alan did the right thing and did so for the good of the city.

Last year I pushed and pulled at Harrisburg to hold the special election for the 42nd State Senate to be held on May 17. That move saved $250,000. The proper date was selected so we'll not only save more money, but engage more voters in the selection of the public officials.

Alan's move turn up the heat a bit for the city council race. The Republican candidate needs to get into gear.

Anyone want to run for the office under a LIBERTARIAN banner, please contact me. Tonight the Libertarians are meeting at 7 pm at Ritters Diner in Oakland/Shadyside area.


Anonymous said...

No Republican can win the seat and I highly doubt a Republican will run.

Anonymous said...

Think again.

A GOP candidate, Sam, is in the race for the general election already. I see no reason why he would NOT be in the special election race as well.

Winning, that is another matter. Entry is a no-brainer.