Monday, March 28, 2005

Peduto mentions the "B" word.

The seldom mentioned "B" word is BUDGET!

Our Budget is BROKEN.

Furthermore, we've got a two-stage problem: One, the public purse is broke. Two, the budget process is broken.

One of Tom Murphy's greatest weakness, followed only by that of City Council -- was the management of the budget. They all failed. Murphy faild. And, City Council failed too. All the players let Pittsburgh's budget slip right into the toilet. The city is NOT in the toilet, but the budget efforts have been.

Most of all, I talk about the new Pittsburgh Park District, and the Youth Technology Summit. But more of an impact is the proposal I wrote about months ago to hold a citizens budget process.

The has a page devoted to Citizen Budget Summit.

KDKA's Jon Delano ended his TV news segment by saying this is a battle of who can cut more.

Meanwhile, Lamb says he is qualified when it come to shrinking a budget. Great confidence there. Vote for Lamb as he'll shrink the city to a better degree than the others.

Vote for Peduto as he'll put a chain saw to the budget. Frankly, I think our kids and the public has already been through a buzz saw. Is a chain saw to impress us? What about a cut with a lazer beam or a light sabre?

Vote for O'Connor as he has experience cutting to the bone with his driving of extra-crunchy Popeye's Chicken.

If feels like a gray Monday in March in Pittsburgh. I don't really want to have a campaign for the city's mayor office based upon who can manage the decline better than the other one who wants to put a fork in the city more quickly.

The way to get out of this, and even Tom Murphy will agree with me on this, is to grow our way out of it. But, how to grow is where Tom Murphy and I are at such drastic odds. Murphy wanted to grow the city with stadiums and convention ceners and downtown retail. I knew that his plans would fail. I want to grow the city with sandlots, not stadiums. I want to put people first, not special interests.

Peduto and I agree that special interests are killing the city. But Peduto has another suite of those with special interest who are not in the drivers seat. He'll want to switch out the special interest group in control now with another set who are on the outside looking in. Pick your poison, pinstripes or loafers. The same outcomes are expected. Either way the city is going to be but a fraction of what it was in the past. None of the folks are really getting to the pathway we need to get to prosperity for Pittsburgh.

The budget is a mess and O'Connor, Peduto and Lamb all share a good deal of the blame. They all were in office and they all let matters coast.

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