Monday, March 28, 2005

Michael Lamb, senator, and parade switch-a-roo. Who would have thunk this long-shot?

File this in the "say what" category. Perhaps it fits in City Paper's news of the weird as well. And, put a little humble pie on my plate too. But, check out this final giggle.
Herald and News: Klamath Falls, Oregon Under the watch of the Jaycees, the theme of the Fourth of July parade had been 'Horse and Buggy Day' since the 1970s, said Michael Lamb, senator for the Jaycees. A Jaycees senator is a member who has passed the age limit - the group is open to people age 21 to 40 - but stays active.

Today was the deadline. I had not only predicted, but also suggested a different pathway for Michael Lamb (of Pittsburgh). I was one of many who said in private that Lamb should have joined the race for PA Senate (42nd district). Furthermore, I was one of the few who also gave the same suggestion in public.

The suggested move (pulling out of the Mayor's race and into the PA Senate special election) needed to be made by today. The deadline for putting in petitions to get onto the ballot as an Independent was March 28. Lamb could have done both races and tossed aside the need to get the Dem's endorsement by putting in a switch to "I" and re-directing his effots to the PA Senate race.

Well, the closest to the truth comes today. Seems a Michael Lamb is a senator -- and is in the hub of a 4th of July parade switch with the Jaycees and Chamber. But, we have to go to Oregon to make the prediction have any sense of slight of name irony.

Michael Lamb of Pittsburgh is the son of a PA State Senator. Perhaps he'll be able to run for the State Senate in two years.

Oh well.

"... Lamb said ... isn't calling it quits."

"We certainly hope to rebuild," he said.

Well, I was wrong. Munch, munch, munch. I'll eat the humble pie.

As for the 4th of July, come on down to the South Side. We don't have any pony rides, but we do host an annual 4th of July party. Then we'll serve up some real pie. Tonight it is just that weird tasting digital humble pie bytes.

Next up, since operation musical chairs didn't materialize, is a real musical event. Our concert is on for 7 pm on April 7, 2005. Be there. Music to be delivered on the web shortly.

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