Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Merging Sterrett and Rogers into Reizenstein leaked as an option

School board considers making Sterrett, Rogers into Reizenstein 'pods' School board members are considering closing two high-performing middle schools and transferring their programs to Reizenstein Middle School, potentially eliminating two popular alternatives to Reizenstein that have helped persuade parents to keep their children in Pittsburgh Public Schools.

The idea of having a performing arts school without a stage needs serious review.

I wonder about the news timing of this release. Why is it being published now? Is this the doings of the school officials who need to change the conversation away from the shake-up in top administrators? Is this another evil plot to highlight the warts of the city life and get more to flee to suburban schools? Where is A+ Schools, Mr. Lamb? What about the rumor of a move of Rodgers to share the downtown digs of CAPA in the Cultural District?

Another two dozen questions emerge from this story.

If it is broken, fix it. If it is working, let it flourish. One of our trends is to break what works and offer band-aids to what is broken.

Close the schools where the learning is light. Sadly, we've done the inverse and this again looks to be the pathway being pondered.

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