Friday, March 18, 2005

Walko's move to increase red tape in knee-jerk reaction

Capitol Notes, 3/18/05: "Rep. Don Walko, D-North Side, this week introduced House Bill 992, which would regulate bounty hunting in Pennsylvania. In a press release, Walko said he drafted the legislation in response to the fatal shooting of an unarmed fugitive, Michael P. Robinson, by a bounty hunter at a North Side home in December.

These bad guys are running around our neighborhoods and State Rep Don Walko wants to regulate the good guys who are trying to catch the bad guys. This is a wrongheaded response, IMNSHO.

Pittsburgh could be a mecca for fugitives. No thanks. Pittsburgh is already a hot spot nationally for meth labs, grafitti vandals and over taxed operations.

I would rather make it easier for bounty hunters to come here help us keep our streets and neighborhoods safe. Today's headline is about the police getting little help in finding the shooting suspects in the afterschool murder. Perhaps State Rep Walko does not see the connection?
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