Monday, March 21, 2005

Environmental funding plan stalled in Harrisburg

Growing Greener Gets Football Status by Rendell.
PG coverage HARRISBURG -- It's hard enough asking your buddy if you can borrow, say, $100. So how difficult must it be to find exactly the right words when you're asking for $800 million?

Difficult enough, apparently, that lawmakers and Gov. Ed Rendell have been debating the subject for more than a year and have yet to arrive at an answer.

But time is running out for lawmakers trying to find a way to ask voters' permission to borrow up to $800 million for environmental programs if they hope to place a referendum question on the May primary ballot.

When the past PA Governor, Ridge, started Growing Greener, it was established as a pay as you go program. Now that the Dems have the mansion, the plan is to make this a funded program with a massive state bond. The program's direction is getting a serious adjustment. Plus, Growning Greener is getting turned into a political football by those who love to play football and politics.
The program is about to go down the drain. Steps are being taken now so that the eventual blame can be sidestepped in the future. Some of us are watching. Many of us are upset at this lack of stewardship seen in so many instances in Harrisburg today.

Change is in the air.

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