Saturday, March 12, 2005

Some chatter on contributions to the world

Photos from our experience in China in 2004 are displayed on a web site at a University in Canada.

A nice note from a web reader came to say how the presentation was enjoyed and how fortunate we were. I agree fully. She came to my site on a search about China and Democracy.

An Irish-themed contribution is to come in a day or two, as some family stories are to be put online. We have a set of original kids books that feature a magical dragon, Yup. His slogan is, "Yup, let's do it." Very positive. The set of books came about over a number of years. They are read and re-read every March in this home.

Catherine (my wife) had an article in the glossy newstand magazine, Simple Living. That is now showing up on AOL screen shots as a quote, with her attribution. If you happen to see it, please talk a screen shot and forward it to me. I'm not an AOL user. The attribution is Catherine V. Palmer, Ph.D. and the content has something to do with hearing.

The word, "Netizen" is an more modern word that fits in place of "citizen." I've been called by Paul Sentner a "Citizen Candidate." Perhaps the next level is to be a "Netizen Candidate?" But, I've already been scolded by others with less vision and more sensible yet pessimistic outlooks to not invent my own words while I'm trying to win public office.

Concepts to push the envelope, for the years to come include: Moment to moment justice; Netizen Candidate; Eureka Squared; Structural Accountability; Assessment buffering; Transparent Bank Account.

For now, we'll just run on our legacy of astonishing creativity and the slogan, "Think again."

There goes my float in a parade for St. Pat's Day postings. Now off to meet the crowds.

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