Monday, March 07, 2005

Bill Green Running For DJ

Bill Green, political gadfly, has announced that he is running for District Magistrate (formerly District Justice) in a trendy suburban district.

Green, 59, operates Bill Green and Associates, a political campaign firm that's best known for, no. That was Kent Gates' campaign. Green, that was the other guy's.

Ah buggers, I don't know what Bill Green and Associates REALLY did. Bill was best known for pontificating on Jerry Bowyer's radio show, in print, and in other outlets.

If Green wins, he reportedly will be able to continue opining on races countywide, throughout the state, and around the country.

Don't think that's actually right...but best of luck to Mr. Green.

Don't know if his company will continue, as the Magistrate job is supposed to be full-time.

If he wins, Green will hold the seat for a 6-year term.

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Anonymous said...

This guy is a major prick. I sat behind him in a restaurant and listened to him bash a whole bunch of politicans in Pittsburgh... Republican and Democrat alike. He used language that would have made Chris Rock blush.

Bitter angry withered old man who I hope burns in hell.