Friday, March 18, 2005

In other steroid news: Greek sprinters cleared in Olympic drug scandal

All is not as it seems at first blush. These Greek athletic heros were in a world-class mess as the Olympics rolled into their backyard. The media and its buzz with officials can really do a number on the individuals. - More Sports - Greek sprinters cleared in Olympic drug scandal - Friday March 18, 2005 12:54PM 'The decision is very good, but someone has to pay,' Tzekos said after Friday's ruling. 'They say I was informed about the test and the athletes were not -- I can live with that.'

Kenteris, who won the 200-meter gold medal at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, and Thanou, who took silver in the 100, were national heroes in Greece and showered with honors until the scandal broke.

Both runners have declared their innocence, claiming they had not been properly notified about the Athens test.

Kenteris and Thanou also allegedly evaded tests in Tel Aviv, Israel, and Chicago over an 18-month period before the Olympics.

Kenteris' British-based lawyer, Gregory Ioannidis, said the sprinter was 'delighted' by the verdict.

'The decision means Mr. Kenteris has been exonerated of highly damaging and unfounded charges which have been extremely harmful for his career,' he said in a statement.

Meanwhile, in PA, some in the state house would like to make it illegal for those 17 and under to even have tobacco. To hold it could be criminal. To buy it is not legal. Fine. But the move to raise the range of offenses to possession is sure to raise more toubles.

These are drug war struggles.

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