Friday, March 11, 2005

Polling activity from someone else

I'm hearing from a number of my friends in the 42nd district about some telephone polling being done, again. I'm not sure of who is doing the calls. Perhaps they are internal and from the state house or senate from one or the other old parties.

I'm being included.

Time will tell if the results are to be made known. From time to time KDKA might co-sponsor a poll.

The tone of the poll questions, so I hear from others, makes it more like a 'push poll.' They are seeking opinions and trying to sway some opinions as they ask loaded questions.

One question in the suite of interactions with callers who take this poll are presented with the fact of one of my opponents going to CUBA in the past. Then they are asked is that news make the candidate more favorable or less favorable in that person's opinion.

For the record, I've not been to Cuba. But, we spend five weeks in China in 2004 and you can see some of our photos online.

Some day people might take more interest in our travels. When they do, I'll be happy to share our "slides." Just ask and I'll point you to our photos of the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone from this fall.

I guess if you don't have much to say and you have a lot of money to burn, you can sponsor opinion polls that ask "boxer" or "briefs." Hope they can fabricate something in the weeks to come.

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