Saturday, March 12, 2005

Philadelphia Inquirer - Reheating case of election fraud

Philadelphia Inquirer | 03/11/2005 | Tom Ferrick Jr. | Reheating case of election fraud... But Stack's attorney asked Jackson to reconsider her ruling. She granted them that right, briefs were filed on both sides by mid-August, and the judge told the parties she would probably rule by Labor Day.

They should have asked: Do you mean Labor Day 2004?

Because Labor Day came and went and there was no ruling by Jackson. So did Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year's, Presidents' Day and Valentine's Day.

As of today, Stack and his codefendants have not been tried. Heck, they haven't had a preliminary hearing.

A ruling, please

This week, new Attorney General Tom Corbett sent a letter to Jackson asking her to rule on the out-of-county judge issue so the case could proceed.

'Justice delayed is justice denied,' said Kevin Harley, the AG's spokesman. 'These were serious charges brought that go to the heart of our electoral system.'

Meanwhile, the elder Stack is back in the news as one of the owners - along with his five children - of a potentially lucrative tract of land along the Delaware River, which is a potential site for one of the city's new slots parlors.

Sale of water rights on the 22-acre piece of land in Fishtown was approved by the state legislature last year for $100,000. A Las Vegas casino company has an option to buy that tract and an adjacent one for $40 million.

Talk about hitting the jackpot...

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