Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Carrick Shooting Shouldn't Cause Frenzy

As a resident and community activist in the city neighborhood of Carrick, I was disappointed to hear of the fatal shooting of a student outside of the high school, but not overly surprised.

I grew up in a rural community and went to an elementary/middle/high school campus that looks remarkably like the Columbine high school where several kids went on a killing spree years ago. Residents of that previously sleepy town didn't run to their nearest urban area, afraid of gun-toting teens. Likewise, Carrick residents shouldn't run for the hills after this tragedy.

Parents need to be responsible for their kids' activities, before, during and after school. Immediately upon hearing of the shooting, I predicted that the actors knew their victims, it was probably drug-or-pseudo gang related, and that there would be plenty of fear to go around.

News reports indicate that the act was caught on video. They already have suspects. I truly expect arrests within a week.

Within the next few days a city leader, or prospective city leader, MUST unveil a plan to help parents--single parents, married parents--everyone who has children in Pittsburgh. Counseling, after-school activities, motivational speakers, family experts, etc. At foundation or private expense. A challenge to the "downtown community" to help any parent who needs it.

Carrick has the city's largest baseball league. Just last week, we signed up our son for another season of shagging flies and hitting sharp grounders up the middle. Carrick's baseball community does its part. It's a guarantee that none of the actors involved in today's shooting were a part of Carrick's baseball community.

Parents should allow their students to go back to Carrick High School. Maybe not tomorrow if they are particularly concerned. But without question, people in the community shouldn't fold up their tents and go into a tizzy.

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Anonymous said...

I personally knew Keith "spudd" Watts the victim of the Carrick HIGH SCHOOL shooting on March 16,2005 and he deserved so much more respect than everyone gave he did not deserve to loose his life because the school is not able to control there students and keep them in the building untill the school day is over but becasue they couldnt i lost a very nice loving close friend and i hope whom ever reads this give a moment of silence to The whole Watts family...And i thank you 1LUV KEITH