Sunday, March 20, 2005

City's lame duck mayor and county heads urge consolidating -- Dan and Tom are wrong on rights.

It wasn't fair of me to insert the word "dead" before the "head" in the headline. Dan O is our county executive and he's alive. Sadly, our mayor's status puts him as one still in office but with room temperature and lame duck status. It's rotten to see Murphy still at the helm. He's done so much to destroy the city that we can't give him the juice to sustain the death march.
City, county heads urge consolidating Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato and Pittsburgh Mayor Tom Murphy said yesterday they plan to ask the state Legislature for the right to put the issue of a city-county merger before voters.

'The mayor and I have been meeting and working on this for months, and we're building a strategy to bring to Harrisburg,' Onorato said at a luncheon sponsored by the League of Women Voters. 'We have to convince the Legislature to give us the right to vote on this.'

The legislature does NOT need to give us the right to vote. Dan and Tom can both put matters before either the city or the county without running to Harrisburg. And, both can be instrumental to put a question onto the ballot without getting local legislative bodies to sign off on the question as well.

Presently the executive (either Tom or Dan) can write a ballot question and submit that to the legislative branch (either city council or county council). The respective council can put the question onto the ballot. Done.

Go to Harrisburg and beg for your own crumbs.

If either Dan or Tom were serious about consolidation, more would have been done last year or the past dozen years before that.

If Dan or Tom want to make a significan merger plan in the near future, they'd do what I suggested to them in May, 2004, with the position paper on PARKS consolidation. That called for a new Pittsburgh Park District. That is the NEXT best place to make a "merger." The parks effort would get the support of the ICA, the Act 47 coordinators, the public, the county officials, the city officials and state officials too.

Most of all, the park's plan would capture the spirit of the citizens in new ways, generate new life in the ranks of volunteers and be a springboard for other creative change endeavors. That's why Dan does NOT want to make it happen. It is a power thing.

Opposition would not be strong if they did what I requested. http://DSL.CLOH.Org/v1

As for Tom's lack of capacity for change -- let's just say he's just being Tom Murphy. He's the grand teacher of how to NOT play well with others.

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