Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Mr. Reform falters, so says the trib. But Lamb isn't dead yet. His rebirth could come in a new race. Mine, no less!

Pittsburgh Tuesday takes - PittsburghLIVE.comThe mayoral campaign of Allegheny County Prothonotary Michael Lamb continues to go nowhere fast. To wit, the Democrat's transportation 'plan' talks of pumping more money into the Port Authority instead of fixing the badly broken agency. Lamb also gushes over the proposed high-speed magnetic levitation train and the North Shore Connector. Both are boondoggles of the highest order. Some 'plan.' 'Mr. Reform' is dead.

We did get the deer in the headlight glaze to vanish when asking Lamb about the Mon Valley Toll Road. A few months ago he was without comment. He's on the campaign trails and has no comment on a vital issue. Well, at least he is moving and showing some progress there in the right direction.
But, by and large, the reform tag misses the mark. So, I agree with the Trib's editorial snip.

But, Lamb isn't dead yet. In the Mayor's race, Lamb might be. But, Lamb has a chance of getting a new gust of wind if he would only switch races. Lamb could still jump into the PA Senate race slated for May 17.

Fontana, D, has yet to resign from County Council. Fontana, the expert that he is, might be too valuable to county council in this new crisis in his field on his watch. Fontana might need to stay right where he is to fight off the court cases that are sure to arrive.

Michael Lamb could fill in for Fontana as the Democrat's entry into the race for PA Senate to fill Jack Wagner's old seat.

Next year, Fontana might be able to get a job within Lamb's office.

Michael Lamb's father is a former majority leader in the PA Senate. The younger Lamb, 42 now, should have entered this race months ago.

Lamb, however, to his credit, says he can't allow Bob O'Connor to become Pittsburgh's next mayor. He, too, cares a great deal about the future of our city and region. But the time is too short.

Lamb could pull out of the Mayor's race, get the endorsement of the Dems with a deal with Fontana, and run for Harrisburg. Lamb, and his supporters, could then influence the Mayor's race in the fall's general election. But that effort would take, T E A M W O R K.

Teamwork. Humm. The debate stage for the Mayor's Primary among Dems is sorta busy. Les, Bill, Hop and others are there to engage Bob. The frontrunner might get more than 50% of the vote. But, in 2001, Bob got 30K votes. Meanwhile in 2004 Kerry got 114K and Bush got 39K.

This year, the November election could be important.

Think again.

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