Friday, March 18, 2005

Serious shame on the Downtown Pittsburgh Partnerships for the closed-minded invite and closed meetings

Debates launch mayoral contest Les Ludwig, was not invited.

No suprise noted as these are the same people that can't follow the charter to their own corporation. Les was not only not invited, but he was denied entry.

Weinroth had an opportunity to score serious points on the ethical front. He didn't.

Say it isn't so, Joe!

Peduto already failed to meet my standards. Peduto called for the others to sign a clean election statement. To bad he couldn't call for the others to share the debate microphone.

We knew Bob O'Connor was going to balk at inclusion. He did a dozen debates in 2001 with Tom, one-on-one. That's why Bob isn't mayor today. His selfishness got in the way.

Meanwhile Michael Lamb, an expert in the County Charter and reform leader, wouldn't join in the call for the resignation of a candidate on County Council, as called for the county charter itself.

The League of Women Voters and the 'clean' task force should rip into the organizations in town. Go beyond the candidates in the report card, please.

Props to the PG for the mention of the failures as part of the real story.

This yawner of a race, as others are calling it, needs only include all the candidates. Then issues and attention will perk to life quickly, I dare predict. Likewise, Pittsburgh as a region would come back to life as well after all are included and the web of life is respected.

To soar, we'll need to extend a wing to the left, another to the right and include some tailfeathers. Otherwise, we'll dwell in dispair for another decade.


Philip Shropshire said...

Is Les the libertarian candidate for Mayor? Is there a Green candidate for mayor?

Anonymous said...

Les is running as a Democrat.