Monday, March 28, 2005

Political conditions could be ripe for Republican revenge

Political conditions could be ripe for Republican revenge - He said his decision to switch his party affiliation paved the way for like-minded constituents. He claims that 200 people came into his South Hills office asking for the forms to switch their registrations in the first two weeks after he became a Republican.

And, I ask, how many of those converted and changed their party?

The numbers within the voter registration data are part of the public record. A few of us here can figure it out. Conte can figure out the facts from the fiction as well.

I'd not want to call it a "retraction" -- but perhaps a clarification would seem very wise for the Diven camp in the next 48 hours. They could tell us how many became GOPers and do a time line on the switch of parties. Diven switched when? In week # 1, how many switched to the GOP side. What party did they leave? In week #2, and so on.

When I ran for Mayor in 2001, I switched 100 (+/- 5) people to the GOP party. About 90 came from the Dems. Some, I know have switched back. Some have not. I know that these people switched because I took the voter registration forms into the county election department myself.

Here is a hypothesis: To date, given 2001 and 2005 numbers, I imagine my impact on recruting to the GOP party is three times as great as that of Diven's. Said another way, I do not think Diven was able to get more than 30 new GOPers to the party since he switched his party registration.

Prove me wrong. I'd be glad to eat my words. But, the data has to be from the voter database. Not from some form handouts in the office.

Mr. Conte, you, or Dave Brown even, can be the judge.

The real spirit of the story, as I see it, isn't about becoming a Republican. The real buzz is about the frustration of the voters and citizens with both of the old parties.

Case in point: Have you seen the wonderful rant from J of PennF? She began a draft Barbara H for Gov site. She is angry and with justifications. But, she isn't gonig to run to Diven's camp as one of her core issue is a woman's choice.

I think that the real action for real change won't be able to be delivered by a back-bench party switcher who is really a buddy of Mayor Murphy's ways.

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