Friday, March 11, 2005

Lost College Grad: Why political?

Another blogger had a few interesting comments to make about the political life. These are his words at the top section and mine to follow.
Lost College Grad: Why political? Why political?

Why is everything political? I mean, why do people feel the need to push their political ideas? I look at all these blog sights and everyone is just trying to out do everyone else on their political ideas.

I look at the local Pittsburgh blogs and I see people claiming they are the greatest leaders in the world and know how to pull this city out of it's problems, yet no action. And then you try to say something nice about the city and throw out a random idea and you get a college lecture. As I remember there was sleeping involved while reading because it was that boring.

This is why I don't vote. Go ahead and hate on me. I really don't care. If all you can do is hate on other people then you must of low self-esteem.

A lot of people have opinions, but don't turn them into constant yelling, like those political shows on TV because those people don't do shit.

In summary to all the I am the greatest politico of all times. SHUT UP! Because you are not listening to what's going on around you.

I am listening. I'm with my head up and ears on. You can post what you want at the I dare say, none other around here is going to do anything like what I've been doing for the past years.

Peduto did instigate with CMU a Community Connections site, but it was broken. Get out the band-aids. I asked that it be turned off and archived as it fell into disrepair. Sounds familiar as our city is in neglect too.

I do try my very best to put my words into action as well. I walk the talk. I work with kids. I lend my support. I go to concerts and host musicians.

My talk isn't about being the "best" -- rather it is mostly about being a steward. I respect the process and democracy. I scratch for the creative ideas and work at the meaningful elements.

Shared services (O'Connor's words) and combined dog license sales or tax bills (Lamb's) are a yawns.

A very good associate, who runs eVote, did not vote recently. She too is so upset she can't even get to the polls. Your suggestions are noted.

Last night in the town hall meeting there were a few comments from the audience about our "post-democratic society." My will is to turn that tide to the other direction.

Bob O'Connor wants shorter board stays for the people who serve on the authority boards. This short stay on the board allows him to make more appointments. He'd churn the volunteers who serve with shorter terms.

My approch to authority boards and authority operations is much unlike that from O'Connor. In January 2004 I called for the liquidation of the Parking Authority. That shortens the board term of the authority. We don't need the board. We don't need to have the agency doing parking as that is not a core governmental operation. The phase out of the parking authority would take some years, but it should be eliminated.

We need to instigate new policies that make "retention votes" for board members who might want to stay on the board and is doing a fine job as measured by the votes of the people. Board members would be appointed. However, after their appointment and first year of service, they'd have to score well on a retention vote at the ballot box.

Retention votes are used in other places to retain or move to replace judges. Retention votes insert accountability into the process.

The Lost College Grad asked why does everyone need to push their ideas. The simple answer is because its our duty. We are American. Our society depends upon the free exchange of thought. When ideas are shared, they gain in value or are proven to be without value. As ideas are shared, relationships are forged too.

In China, talk of politics is taboo. The chatter is robust in terms of the economy, but not much happens in other conversations on other topics. Here we are free, mostly. We have a legacy of being free at least. In China, they are not.

Our freedom shows itself within our solutions. I feel that America's superior potential hinges upon its ability to handle and foster freedoms in conversations and thought transfers. We thrive as we share ideas. We all win and can have better quality lives as opinions are measured and flowing with refinement of course.

Hence, I agree that constant yelling can't work. I agree that the listening part is critical as well. Send me an email,, and I'll listen. Or, better yet, post a comment on the blog, and we'll all listen.

BTW, I tried to post a follow up at the Lost College Grad blog, but got an error. Blogger has been flakey for me too in recent days.

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