Sunday, March 27, 2005

As if teens don't talk enough, now there are blogs

I'm all for free expression, free speech, free travel, free trade, free markets.

Funny, the best way to get free expression is to do boneheaded moves such as these -- dragging kids into the principal's office.

Blog on.
As if teens don't talk enough, now there are blogs North Allegheny students, posting messages on their online forum,, ping-ponged back and forth over a report that school officials had called students into the office to question them about the site's content.

And a controversy over a school administrator's alleged ban on same-sex couples and friends holding hands, hugging or kissing at Downtown Pittsburgh's Creative and Performing Arts High School prompted a furious and instantaneous call for protest on another student-fed forum, >

'Find a buddy of your own gender, hold hands with them whenever possible,' one CAPA student wrote on March 17. 'Make out in the halls with anyone you can find.'

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