Thursday, March 10, 2005

Election details: 107 for City Council and 1041 for Mayor

To run for City Council in District #6 as a candidate who is NOT either Democrat nor Republican, one needs 107 signatures on the papers to get onto the ballot. Those are due before the first of August, 2005. Then that person gets on the ballot for November, 2005.

Robert Oldenski is the guy I'm going to support in that quest.

I talked with my past loyal opponent, James Carmine, Ph.D. He is going to put his energy into helping another candidate, Mark Brently. Brently is running against Sala Udin and Tonya Paine. Tonya got the endorsement from the Dem party recently.

To run for Mayor, and get onto the general election ballot, one needs 1041 signatures on the papers.

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