Thursday, March 31, 2005

AP Wire | 03/31/2005 | Analysts unclear

AP Wire | 03/31/2005 | Analysts unclear on effect: "Analysts unclear ...."

So this newsworthy. They don't know. Duhh.....

Of course they are unclear. Furthermore, of course the clarity comes within the reading of such insightful news editorial / commentarty / feature / profile -- not.

The only thing that we do know is that we don't know these other guys. And, the only thing that I'll be certain to repdict is that with two weeks to go in the campaign, the voters are sure to score a high percentage as "undecided" -- despite the wishes of the front-runner.

With Bob and Tom four years ago, the undecided percentage with two weeks to go exceeded 20-percent.

Skews go to FUD, (fear, uncertainty, doubt). Pile on brother. Kick up some FUD. Make a career of it here.

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