Sunday, March 20, 2005

Lipstick on a pig, the promotional video

Why spend $250,000 for a promotional video to attract vacationers to Pittsburgh? It is like a Pittsburgher seeing a promotional video about St. Louis or Minneapolis and saying - "Gee maybe rather than going to the beach this year I'll go to Minneapolis." Not gonna happen.

People travel to Pittsburgh for two reasons - job or family related. That's it.

Create jobs, expand the tax base, get more people to move here. That's the only sensible way to increase visitors.

Do not forget the dopey slogan fiasco a year or so ago. A new PR campaign only puts lipstick on a pig.

We have our strengths here - good medical treatment, universities, but they are non-profits. We need profitable enterprises.

Source: Our campaign's, new Dormont volunteer.

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