Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Fontana resigning County Council seat for Senate run

The date on this resignation is still unsure. It seems as if he is going to announce the date of his intention to resign. This isn't clear to me.
Fontana resigning County Council seat for Senate run: "Fontana resigning County Council seat for Senate run

Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Wayne Fontana, the Democratic candidate for state Senate in the 42nd District, will announce today his plans to resign his Allegheny County Council seat.

Fontana said yesterday he would leave the seat before April 1, but he was still selecting a specific date.

He is running against state Rep. Michael Diven, a Republican, and Mark Rauterkus, a Libertarian, in the May 17 special election to replace Jack Wagner, who was elected state auditor general.

Fontana's seat on County Council is to be filled within 30 days of his resignation. Those on council get to select the replacement and that person needs to be in the same party as the one who has departed.
The hand-picked replacement would serve the remainder of the terms, until early January, 2006. No special election would be held, perhaps. I've heard conflicting advice on the need for the special election, or not.
Only one person filed papers for the Dem Party endorsement for the seat.
Wayne Fontana is not expected to file papers for re-election to his seat, today, at the Elections Department. The term expires this year.
We'll know shortly if there is going to be any other Dem (beyond Rich N.) or Republicans seeking that seet as well. Libertarians and other third party candidates can still seek the seat by starting to get signatures tomorrow. Those papers (not petitions) are due by August 1, 2005, and would get the candidate onto the November general election ballot.
So, my question, what date will Wayne Fontana choose to resign?

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